Areas of Expertise


Tanzosh Family Law LLC has expertise in all aspects of family law, including a wide range of issues arising in dissolution of marriage (divorce) matters.

  • High Asset Property Division
    • Real property appraisals
    • Business valuations
    • Investment Accounts
    • Retirement/ Pensions
    • Restricted Stock Units
  • Spousal Support and tax implications
  • Custody and Parenting time disputes
  • Child Support
  • Premarital agreements


Situations change, as the needs of the family changes. Depending on the new set of circumstances and situation of the children or former spouses, the general judgment may need to be modified. Tanzosh Family Law LLC has expertise in the following modification cases:

  • Spousal support
  • Custody and parenting time
  • Child support
  • Relocation of parent/ minor children

Other Specialties

In addition to handling divorce cases, Tanzosh Family Law LLC has substantial experience in the following matters:

  • Drafting premarital agreements
  • Appeals
  • Guardianships/ conservatorships/ trusts
  • Third party intervention (Grand-parent’s rights)
  • Juvenile dependency
  • Minor child representation
  • Contempt/ enforcement of judgments
  • Collection on judgments
  • Personal injury

Justice Statue with Scales

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